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Our Products and Services

Current developments in line with our mission and vision have led to recent regrouping of our products and services into 4 strategic business units:

  • TAGS Division. Our Tank and Gas Station Division is involved in In-House Fabrication and Installation of underground / aboveground tanks and turnkey gas station solutions.
  • SEMA Division. Our Specialty Equipment, Materials and Applications Division compliment our other divisions through Exclusive Commercial Supply and Consultation of a variety of upstream and downstream equipments, materials and services.
  • IRR Division. Our Installations Retrofits and Renovations Division are involved in a variety of On-Site Field Fabrication and Services.   
  • Light Metals Division. Our Light Metals Division is involved in a variety of In-House Light Metal Fabrications mainly roller shutter doors, sliding gates, burglary-proof panels and fencing.

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